Hale The Hearty Montanans

As we set up for our gig last September 10th, it was freezing and raining hard. As we drove to the hotel, it actually rained. So we were pretty convinced there would literally, like, no people at the outdoor show. Yet by showtime a few hundred brave souls showed up and they partied hard. Wow, […]

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Banana Diet? Not So Much

The Great Banana Diet of 2008 was an abject failure. Tyler caved on day one, just three bananas in. Around 6pm, at the Vienna, Illinois McDonald’s (not one of the franchise’s better outlets, btw). So I cannot report on the effects of an all banana and water diet, at least not at this time.

Otherwise, […]

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The Great Banana Diet Of 2008

In the name of science, Tyler is going on a banana and water only diet as of midnight tonight. He is committed for at least 48 hours, but I’m hoping it goes much longer. We will keep you posted on results.

Greetings from Des Moines, IA, by the way. Hope you’re well.

Rivercity Roots Festival

About a week and half ago we wrapped up a really fun (if technically challenged) ten-day tour with an afternoon show at the Rivercity Roots Fest. Hopefully we’ll have more about the tour at large here shortly, but for now, here’s Trevor’s account of our day in Missoula:

Rivercity Roots Festival
Missoula Montana August […]

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