More Free Music, and another Virginia blog

So there are two new tunes from the upcoming album posted in the facebook page. “Jail” is in audio-only form, and “Uncle Pen” is in video form. Do check ’em out. Trying to catch up on the road diary backlog, here’s Trevor’s account of our show in Charlottesville a few weeks back: Continue reading More Free Music, and another Virginia blog

A Day At The Fair

Our final day in Virginia before turning ourselves westward was Sunday, October 5 at the State Fair of Virginia. We left behind the Asheville, NC Best Western (and fond memories of the O’Connell nuptials, of course – road diary entry to follow) real early, as it’s a pretty good jaunt north to Richmond. […]

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Atlanta Adventures

Well, Decatur to be exact, but it’s essentially Atlanta, if you know the region. We already posted Trevor’s ruminations on the day off that followed the gig, here’s his comments on the gig itself. If you wanted too, you could cut and paste the two entries so that they ran in order. Wouldn’t that be […]

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Last Festival Of The Year

Continuing with our entirely non-chronological recap of the tour that was, here’s some Trevorizing on last weekend’s festivities:

Weston Irish festival

Weston, Missouri

October 10th and 11th

Weston is a quaint town close to Kansas City. We’ve played in the area quite a few times over the years including here at […]

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A day off (sort of)

There are (clear as the nose on your face) two different types of day off out here on the road. There’s the travel day, and the non-travel day. The travel days can be further broken up, based on how much traveling is involved and whether it’s at the beginning or end of a tour or […]

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