Hickory, NC

Trevor Rogers says,

“Hickory is a quaint little town not too far from Charlotte. Drips Coffee has a cool vibe with art on the walls and music in the evening. Kind of like an Ashland Coffee and Tea in Ashland Virginia, or Jammin’ Java in […]

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Decatur, GA

Band hiatus continues. Writing you from my hotel room in Marrakesh. Pretty interesting day here. Feared for the lives of myself and my travel companions several times, but there was some amazing non-life threatening stuff as well. But those are stories for a different travel journal. This one here is for Clumsy Lover tour dates, […]

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Lexington, KY

So the band’s on a little break. I’m actually writing you from Florence, Italy, while my wife patiently (sort of) waits for me to finish up on the computer. We’re driving all the way down to Sorrento today, with a lunch stop in Sienna. That’s over six hours of Italian highways so we should really […]

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Branson, Missouri

Trevor? What happened in Branson, Trevor? “Our second time back to Branson, Missouri and it seems we brought the Vancouver rain with us. Maybe it will still be raining when we get to Lexington tomorrow and we can all sing along to Elvis’s Kentucky Rain. When Rebecca’s mom […]

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St. Louis/Kansas City

Alright, now there is a serious backload of road diaries. We’ve been having excellent adventures out here and Trevor’s taken to chronicling them regular like. Here’s a couple days in Missouri in his very own words:

Kansas City is a cool town we’ve been to […]

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