Kicking Off The Summer Touring Season In Idaho!

June Idaho Tour 2013

ISU, First National Bar, Salmon Riverfest, Moscow Artwalk, John’s Alley

It’s funny how certain shows become traditions over time. Not really sure how many years we have been playing outdoors at Idaho State University in the summertime. I think it’s been twelve or thirteen times so […]

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Montana to Indiana

It’s a long way to Tipperary AND it’s along way to Indiana from Montana. Because we are all living in different places and I have the van with the musical equipment in it in Missoula, it just makes sense sometimes for me to drive it there and have the guys fly in. […]

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Clumsy Lovers June Newsletter

Hi friends,

We’re coming out of out late spring mini-hiatus circa now, with a jam-packed summer schedule. We’ll be spreading out a little bit more than we have been lately, hitting a few oft-neglected states. But of course we’ll still have plenty of time for our old standby’s […]

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