Seattle/Spokane — January, 2012

Nothing like a little road trip to cure the winter blues. Actually, I’m quite happy these days for the most part, but if you aren’t I highly recommend a little road trip. A change of scenery is usually a good thing. I had 474 sunny miles there, and 474 sunny miles back […]

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Fall 2012

Here’s Trevor’s recount of the fall Montana/Idaho swing. I wasn’t there, so I’m taking his word for this being what happened:

Montana/Idaho Fall Tour October 2011

Our first show was in Great Falls, Montana at Machinery Row. The owners are very supportive of the band after seeing us play 12 years ago in […]

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More Summer Recaps

Here’s some August dates recapped:Bellingham/San Juan Island

We had played this weekly summer concert series at the amazing Boulevard Park once before in the year 2000. We must have made quite an impression~ They only waited ten years to have us back! The sweet organizer Amanda remembered us back in 2000 as carrying on […]

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Two Nights In Anacortes!

I wasn’t even there myself, so I have to take Trevor’s word for it when he says this is how it happened:”It was another whirlwind weekend down to Washington State. Friday night we were back at the Watertown Pub in downtown Anacortes. I think it’s been nine or ten years since we played there last. […]

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Park City

Here’s a Trevor recap from a few weeks back…

Newpark Amphitheatre

Park City, Utah

We had driven to Boise the night before to break up the drive to Utah so we left at a reasonable time in the morning for the gig. We had played their summer concert series the year before […]

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