Decatur, GA

Band hiatus continues.  Writing you from my hotel room in Marrakesh.  Pretty interesting day here.  Feared for the lives of myself and my travel companions several times, but there was some amazing non-life threatening stuff as well.  But those are stories for a different travel journal.  This one here is for Clumsy Lover tour dates, and we pick things up not even a month ago in Decatur, GA.  You definitely can get scared for your life in certain parts down South (or anywhere really), but this particular evening all was peaceful.  Here’s Trevor with a relatively brief account… “Here we are back at Eddie’s Attic! It’s a jewel of a place in the pleasant Decatur area of the city. It’s a bit of a strenuous load in up a couple of sets of steep stairs but our ten arms and legs accomplished the mission in no time. It’s a really good vibe at Eddie’s . Everybody there truly loves music and they do a lot to support up and comers as well as having a nightly lineup of seasoned musicians. Dylan Sneed was up first. Great singer songwriter from Texas.  Rebecca got onstage and played a beautiful fiddle part during one of his songs. Next was a charming Minneapolis songwriter, Ellis. Minnesota churns out a lot of one named musicians. Prince, Ellis…O.K. at least two. We played a spirited set. Lots of new tunes. Took some requests. As per usual, there was someone from Idaho in the audience. And a guy and a girl were there that had heard us on and decided to come down and check us out live. Pandora’s a cool site to discover new bands but it’s unfortunately not available in Canada. Good crowd. Good vibe. Good night! 

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