Kicking Off The Summer Touring Season In Idaho!

June Idaho Tour 2013

ISU, First National Bar, Salmon Riverfest, Moscow Artwalk, John’s Alley

It’s funny how certain shows become traditions over time. Not really sure how many years we have been playing outdoors at Idaho State University in the summertime. I think it’s been twelve or thirteen times so it certainly qualifies as a tradition. It’s been interesting and a little weird to see everyone growing up around me. I guess that means I’m growing up too…

When the weather is fine as it usually is, there is no finer quad to play in all of America!

After a nice meal at Buddy’s, we were off to our friends Robert and Sandy’s to spend the night. Some of us watched the third period of the Chicago/LA series then it was a solo journey lost in a marathon of Border Wars. It usually takes a while to wind down after a show so Border Wars was my melatonin on that night in Pocatello Idaho.


It’s always nice to spend a couple of days in the same town. Sometimes when we are feeling spry and energetic with a day to kill we set out to tackle nature. The weather was fine and the trails on the outskirts of Pocatello were lovely.

We headed down to the First National around 7 and set up for the show. We were doing our own sound, which makes for a quick setup/sound check. Our friends The Sons of Bannock played a great opening set then we played until close to 2.

The next morning was a pleasant four-hour drive to Salmon, Idaho for Riverfest. It was festive, and there was a river and everyone seemed to be having a good time the way I saw things from my perspective behind the microphone.

Jason and I drove through the mountains after the show to get back to Missoula, while the others stayed behind for some river rafting the next morning. I put on some talk radio for the drive and before long we were at my place. I guess it was after 2 when we arrived but that didn’t matter as it’s always energizing to be driving home.

After a couple days off and some teambuilding walking of the M trail in Missoula, we drove down to Moscow. First we played on the Main Street as part of the Moscow as part of First Friday, then we zipped over to John’s Alley for our first of two nights. It was a really fun night, as was Saturday, and I was pleasantly surprised to see a pretty decent turnout for a summertime show in a college town when a lot of the students have left town for the summer.

We got up early on Sunday and pointed the van in the direction of Michigan.


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