Saturday, February 9, 2008 — The Bouquet, Boise, ID


Gorgeous day in Boise. It really did feel like a spring day. I think that sense was exaggerated by the rather severe winter conditions we’ve been experiencing lately. Apparently, we’re told, that Boise has also been having a harsh winter of late. So we all just got lucky. Mainly we just chilled around the hotel. It’s right by the real nice park/river trail thing (in fact, it’s called the “Doubletree Riverside”, in case you were doubting us). So some of us took advantage of that. And of course we all slept in. By show time tonight we were rested and relaxed and fully prepared for the festivities.

everyone.jpgAnd what festivities they were. It was off the hook, definitely in contention for best show of 2008 so far. One of those totally effortless evenings where everything was fun, never hit any kind of snags at all. Lots of spontaneity on stage, but still pretty tight. Pretty much exactly how you hope it’ll be every night.

There are too many noteworthy things that happened to possibly recount them all, but I gotta tell you about what shall henceforth be known as “The Great Boise Shirt Swap”. So Trevor’s dressed all in black, and we’re doing the reggae “Folsom Prison” where Tyler sometimes comes out and takes a couple verses while Trevor covers drums. But Tyler’s wearing this shirt that, while nice, is pretty far removed from the kind of shirt you should wear while singing Johnny Cash. It’s this tight little floral number. So I suggested they should change shirts, and to my surprise they agree, but they want to do the actual change in private. So they go back stage for a couple moments while the band keeps the reggae groove going. Trevor’s bigger than Tyler, and his black cowboy shirt is big on him, so it’s pretty huge onTrevor, Tyler, Rebecca Tyler, but nothing too noticeable. Tyler’s smaller than Trevor, and his little floral shirt is pretty small on him, so it’s way too small for Trevor. And pretty noticeable. He did manage to get one button done up. I’ve seen photographic evidence and it doesn’t do it justice… when Trevor came parading out from the band room barely squeezed into Tyler’s shirt, I laughed so hard I literally cried (for the first time ever on stage, from what I can recollect). It made my night.

And the night was already pretty kick ass.

Trent & RebeccaAnyway, lots of other stupid things happened and hopefully some pretty good music. Great crowd, sold out. Whatever last night was missing, tonight had in spades. Man, I love my job.

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  • Splatman32

    I think it’s been 7 years in a row that i’ve caught one or both shows every time the Clumsy Lovers play the Boquet….Saturday nights show was in the top 2. The band was on fire!!! The spark that was missing back in their fall show (Holiday weekend) was back with a vengance. The two fiddle players add a new layer to the music and show, bringing new life to an already great performance. The relationship between band and audience is not to be left out here. Supported and maybe driven harder by the packed house the night was exhausting. Dancing, cheering, hooting and hollering the Bouqueters did not go quietly into the night…When a guy from the crowd (Eric) was brought on stage to sing “Dirty Deeds” We the people were so loud and energized that we didn’t even notice the words he sang were NOWHERE near the actual or appropriate words. I do not say lightly that the Lovers are the Best Bar Band I have ever seen. Shows like that one just make it harder to find a place to stand the next time they play the Boquet.

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