Saturday, March 15 — Neumo’s, Seattle, WA



A departure from our usual Seattle routine. The Tractor Tavern is one of our all-time favorite places to play so it was odd to be playing a different Seattle venue. We’ll be back at the Tractor again in June, but it was decided to see what would happen if we went up to this venue on Capitol Hill. The folks at the Tractor were still promoting the show, it was their idea in fact.

It was kind of fun to be in a different part of town than usual. It’s definitely a bustling area, loads of restaurants and bars and scads of people. And Neumo’s itself is pretty cool, mainly just a big open room with a sizeable balcony (and no seating to speak of). Bigger than the Tractor but still relatively intimate.

Cool opening set by a local old-time act called The Tall Boys. We played two sets. It was good. Wouldn’t call it a classic; good overall but never quite blew up. Strong crowd energy (although maybe a little bit less crowd than we would have expected at the Tractor), and we played fairly well I think. By the standards of a lot of towns it would have been very strong, but we have picked up fairly high Seattle standards over the years, so we’ll just call it good.

It’s tough, tho, to leave it at that. Cause Neumo’s is a cool place and a few hundred people showed up to party and we played pretty good and felt pretty connected to the audience. So being disparaging towards the gig seems a little ridiculous in that light. I dunno. I guess we’re just a Ballard band at heart. Albeit a Ballard band from Vancouver, Canada. But you get the idea. We heart the Tractor.

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  • jkennebeck

    I’m so glad that you guys just happened to be playing in Seattle the same weekend I was in the area for a friend’s wedding. The last show I saw you was at Ashland Coffee and Tea in Virginia last year and it was a “coffee house” crowd with absolutely no energy and it bummed me out since I was used to seeing you in Helena Montana at Millers Crossing and it was always a dance fest.

    The other thing I wanted to say was THANK YOU for allowing me to get up and sing a verse of Dirty Deeds with you!

    Keep on rockin!

    Joe Kennebeck

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