Sunday, May 25 — Juan de Fuca Festival, Port Angeles, WA

Hello from Port Angeles, Washington.  It’s probably the nicest day of the year so far, a truly beautiful spring day.  Plenty warm, but with an awesome breeze.  Of course it helps that we’re at a festival.  We played this same event, the Juan de Fuca Festival of the Arts, a few years back.  If memory serves, it was a great time, so we’ve high expectations for today’s proceedings.  A 5pm semi-acoustic (no bass and drums) set one of the side stages, followed by a 9pm set to close down the main stage for the day.
Festival season has definitely arrived.  We played the closing set on the Mural Amphitheater Stage last night at the venerated Northwest Folklife Festival, right down at Seattle Center.  That’s a festival we played every year for a while, but again we hadn’t been there for a while now (one of the side effects of how crazy our schedule got, we had to miss out on a lot of things we loved doing).  It was always a blast, and the years did nothing to change that.  A huge and energetic crowd.  We blasted through a pretty short set, and even got to encore (generally no ecnores at folklife due to how many bands get packed in to the schedule, but they made an exception as we were closing things down — which was good cause we were itching to play a bit more).  A really great time, great way to kick off the season, and definitely a highlight of the calendar year.
As for things in general, well, they’re going great.  We’ve been hunkered down in the studio, and things are going really, really well. Looks the record will be 13 songs long.  It’s mainly done, with only a few lead vocals and then some ‘extras’ (guest musicians and the like)  to go.  Like all records anywhere, it’s gone over time.  With mixing and everything we still have probably three weeks of studio time needed, which is hard to find (due to both the band’s schedule and the studio’s schedule).  In fact, we had to cancel a gig or two to free up the time, which really sucks, and which we never do, but just couldn’t be avoided this time.  Speaking of gigs, a bunch have been added to the website and they should be online by Tuesday at the latest.  Check ’em out, spread the word.
More updates coming soon.

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  • Really enjoyed your set at Folklife. Please don’t miss any more. Quite a surprise and alien to not see Andrea up there, but really enjoyed the dual fiddle attack. Hope one of them stays in the band when she returns.

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