Tuesday, March 18, 2008 — Velvet Underground, Edmonton, AB

Relatively easy drive up to Edmonton.  Didn’t even leave Saskatoon till noon.  Good times out here in the Canadian prairies.

The show was okay.  Hadn’t been to Edmonton in a long time, and when we were here previously we played a venue that is now defunct.  So this was a new spot.  It’s a cool place, dark and intimate.  Crowd was definitely on the small side, but they made up for it with great enthusiasm.  Brent the promoter and all the staff were awesome to work with.  All in all a very enjoyable small show.

We had some difficulty finding an Edmonton hotel room via our regular methods.  Fortunately we remembered an offer we had gotten for a home stay, so we took them up on it.  Our hosts, Blake and Paula, were incredible.  They set up a huge spread for us (the brownies were beyond belief), the house was in a perfect location just south of the gig, on the way out of town, there was plenty of room for everybody.  It was pretty much the perfect set up (right down to the fine selection of DVD’s).  Plus, they have the cutest son (we sadly missed the daughter – we slept in a little past school departure time).

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