Wednesday, March 19, 2008 — Off Day, Calgary, AB

A day off!  And not one of those ridiculous drive days off (which really shouldn’t be called days off at all).  It’s less than three hours drive from Edmonton to Calgary.  We were at the Marriott again, and this time we didn’t have to worry about parking as Rebecca spent the night at her cousin’s so she just took the van there.  The hotel is in a perfect location.  Directly across the street from the Calgary tower, which means it’s right in the downtown core of the city.  Great access to the river and its requisite pedestrian/bike pathways (I say requisite, because every town worth its salt has some variation of the riverwalk).  A block away from the Granville-street style pedestrian walkway with all the nightlife and excitement you can handle.  Well, maybe not that much excitement, being Wednesday night and all.  But more than there would have been at, say, the airport Marriott.  Anyway.  It was a good day off.

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